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GIANT Disney/Pixar Movie Update Announcement

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

So at a large press conference, Walt Disney announced all of their animated titles coming out over the next four years. It’s a huge list, although not all will be out in theatres. Some are straight to DVD. Still though, there’s some really enjoyable sounding stuff.


Wall-E (June 2008)
You’ve seen the trailers for this nice little robot who’s got a very dirty job and ends up having a grand adventure.


Bolt (November 2008)
Bolt is about a dog that stars as a superdog on television. Things go wrong because he really thinks he has powers and he also gets shipped all the way across the country. He’s joined by Mittens the cat and a goofy hamster named Rhino. Since these are my daughter’s favorite pets, I’m sure it will be a hit in my house. I believe John Travolta and Miley Cyrus are voicing.


Tinker Bell (October 2008)
She actually has four movies coming out, aimed at the straight-to-DVD kids market. After the first will be Tinker Bell North of Never Land (2009), Tinker Bell A Midsummer Storm (2010), and Tinker Bell A Winter Story( 2011).


Up (May 2009)
I’ve seen some small clips for this Pixar movie and it’s probably the one in this whole bunch that I’m looking forward to seeing. It’s about an old man and an 8-year old boy that have some wild adventures.


The Princess and the Frog (Christmas 2009)
I don’t know much about this one, but it’s supposedly more classically Disney than we’ve seen in while.


Toy Story 3 (June 2010)
Now this I really want to see as well. The other two were excellent. In this one, Andy goes away to college.


Rapunzel (Christmas 2010)
You know this story right? A Princess trapped in a tower and has to let down her long hair so the Prince can climb it.


Newt (Summer 2011)
The last two blue-footed newts are put together in a lab to try and “hook up,” but there’s one problem. They hate each other! Newt a brainy type and Brooke is more street-smart.


The Bear and the Bow (Christmas 2011)
This movie sounds really good. It’s an adventure with kingdoms, castles, and magic. It stars a Princess who’d rather be an archer and will star the voice of Reese Witherspoon.


Cars 2 (Summer 2012)
Lightning McQueen and Mater are back for more racing! Start your engines!


King of the Elves (Christmas 2012)
This is from a Philip K. Dick story. It’s about a guy who finds elves in the forest and inadvertently becomes their King and learns more about himself in the process.